Production, Distribution, Application


The Hamburg metropolitan region exhibits a high density of hydrogen projects which are backed by a large number of individual companies and institutions, as well as company consortia. They are found not only in various sectors such as the basic and raw materials industry, the maritime sector, aviation, logistics, the mobility and the real estate sectors, as well as in research. They represent the entire hydrogen value chain, from production, distribution and transport to application. Many projects are in the planning and implementation phase, while others have been operating for many years and provide science and industry with valuable insight. New projects will continue to join them in the near future, which is why we are constantly expanding the website.

Projektträger: hySOLUTIONS GmbH
Beteiligte Partner: Meyer Werft, BEHALA, OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut GmbH

Fuel cells in maritime practice

Projektträger: HOCHBAHN

Procurement, approval and testing of fuel cell buses

Projektträger: ArcelorMittal

Use of hydrogen for the direct reduction of iron ore in steel production

Projektträger: Hansewerk
Beteiligte Partner: Norddeutsches Reallabor, Hansewerk / H&R GmbH & Co. KGaA

Construction and operation of a 25 MWel electrolyser in the port of Hamburg for the production of green hydrogen for industrial and mobility applications.

Projektträger: GreenPlug

Construction of an emissions-free pusher tug for operation in the Port of Hamburg

Projektträger: HADAG Seetouristik und Fährdienst AG

Procurement and operation of hydrogen-powered passenger ferries for use in local public transport

Projektträger: Gasnetz Hamburg

New hydrogen pipeline grid south of the Elbe, initially approx. 60 kilometres long and capable of supplying industrial companies in the port with green hydrogen by 2030

Beteiligte Partner: Shell, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), Vattenfall, Wärme Hamburg

Construction of 100 MWel of electrolysis capacity by 2025 at the site of the former Moorburg coal-fired power plant

Beteiligte Partner: Uniper SE, Siemens Energy AG, STOFF2

Planned future power plant at the site of the former Moorburg coal-fired power plant with electrolyser, high-temperature storage, and innovative gas turbine.

Beteiligte Partner: Clean Logistics, E-Cap Mobility

Refitting of buses and lorries to fuel-cell drive systems

Projektträger: Hamburg Airport

Switching intralogistics vehicles to alternative drive systems, construction of an electrolyser to supply the airport's own fuel cell vehicle fleet

Beteiligte Partner: Hansewerk / Errichtung eines Wasserstoff-BHKWs zusammen mit BHKW Hersteller INNIO Jenbacher

Heat supply for 30 residential buildings, a sports centre, a children’s day-care facility, and the Othmarschen Park leisure centre with the help of a hydrogen CHP unit.

Projektträger: H&R GmbH & Co. KGaA

Operation of a 5 MWel PEM dynamic electrolysis plant

Beteiligte Partner: Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH, Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH

Projektträger: Airbus

Decarbonisation of production sites in the north with hydrogen applications

Projektträger: Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA)

Development and commissioning of fuel cell-powered industrial trucks (van carriers)

Projektträger: Hamburg Port Authority

Provision of hydrogen filling stations for locomotives, ships, and lorries, construction and deployment of hydrogen-powered ships

Beteiligte Partner: Vattenfall, Arge Netz, MAN Energy Solutions

Electrolysis capacity of 50 MWel, production of over 22 t of hydrogen per day, partial methanation and natural gas feed-in

Beteiligte Partner: Gasnetz Hamburg, Enercity contracting, HAW Hamburg, Bezirk Bergedorf

Heat supply for a residential neighbourhood with an increasing hydrogen percentage of up to 30% to supply two CHP units and two peak-load boilers

Projektträger: Stadtreinigung Hamburg

Trial operation of two large road sweepers and two refuse collection vehicles powered by fuel cells

Projektträger: Stadtreinigung Hamburg

Electricity from the thermal utilisation of residual materials that cannot be recycled is to be used for the green production of hydrogen via electrolysis

Projektträger: KMW Wind to Gas Energy GmbH & Co. KG

Electrolysis, hydrogen filling station and natural gas grid feed-in