H2 Pusher Tug (H2SB)*

Logo von: H2 Pusher Tug (H2SB)*

Status: In Planung
Business Maritime Wirtschaft

Promoter: GreenPlug

Address: Bei den St.Pauli-Landungsbrücken 3, 20359 Hamburg

Through its „H2 Schubboot“ (H2SB) project, the company has designed an emissions-free pusher boat with the power to move 2,400 tons at a speed of 10 knots. The propulsion system consists of pressurized hydrogen storage tanks and fuel cells with buffer batteries that drive the ship’s propellers via a direct current network. As the first step of this project, GreenPlug plans to build and test a pusher boat. Subsequently, it will build a further nine boats and charter them to operators. “This innovative project will strengthen the market in the design, construction and operation of ships for inland waterways, especially for those using hydrogen and fuel cell technology. We will buy green hydrogen as soon as it is available,” says Dr. Agnus Cassens, CEO of GreenPlug.

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