SaltHy (Storage Alignement with Load and Transport of Hydrogen)

Logo von: SaltHy (Storage Alignement with Load and Transport of Hydrogen)

Status: In Planung
Business Infrastruktur

Promoter: Storengy
Partners involved: Engie

Installation: 01.06.2023
Term until: 01.06.2035

Address: Im Riesbrook 3, 21698 Harsefeld

The long-term goal is to store green hydrogen in the Harsefeld salt caverns and to transport the hydrogen via pipelines or by rail to local purchasers in the mobility and industrial sectors. Storing hydrogen in salt caverns offers flexibility when balancing fluctuations in production and consumption, including imports from overseas. The hydrogen is to be produced regionally by way of electrolysis with renewable electricity (on- and offshore), using, among other things, a 100 MW electrolyser in Harsefeld.

In this respect, the project serves as a pilot for an advanced method of producing, storing and transporting green hydrogen on a large scale.

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