H2 for Hamburg (H2H)

Logo von: H2 for Hamburg (H2H)

Status: In Planung
Business Industrie

Promoter: ArcelorMittal
Partners involved: associated partner of North German Real Lab (NRL - Norddeutsches Reallabor)

Installation: 01.01.2024
Term until: 31.03.2026

Address: Dradenaustraße 33, 21129 Hamburg

Through its production of green steel, the company aims to make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in the supply chain as part of the H2 for Hamburg (H2H) project. ArcelorMittal’s Hamburg plant will be converted to climate-neutral steel production in four steps by 2030 as part of the H2H project. These include the construction of a hydrogen-powered demonstration plant for the direct reduction of iron ore (H2First) and the technological upgrading of the existing direct reduction plant (H2Ready) to replace the long-term use of natural gas with green hydrogen. "In order to ensure the supply of green hydrogen, we rely on the local hydrogen industry network and a significant proportion of hydrogen from the Hamburg Green Hydrogen Hub," comments Dr. Uwe Braun, CEO ArcelorMittal Hamburg.


Update 2023: The European Commission has approved funding for the production of near zero emissions steel with green hydrogen in a demonstration plant at ArcelorMittal Hamburg. The total funding, which will come from the Federal Republic of Germany, amounts to 55 million euros, which is half of the €110 million total capital expenditure required.

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