HyBatt-Truck and HyBatt-Bus

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Status: In Betrieb
Business Mobilität/Logistik

Partners involved: Clean Logistics, E-Cap Mobility

Installation: 01.01.2015

Address: Trettaustraße 32, 21107 Hamburg

The concept of converting existing diesel trucks to HyBatt Trucks is explicitly promoted by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). In August 2021, the BMVI has issued a funding directive with a budget of over one billion euros for the procurement of emission-free trucks. A possible funding rate of up to 80% of the additional investment costs and the prospect of being able to continue using tried and tested vehicles explain the strong interest of forwarders and logistics companies in the conversion of diesel trucks to HyBatt Trucks by Clean Logistics. Clean Logistics' HyBatt Bus relies on the same modular conversion concept and also has a funding rate of 80% by the BMVI.

Freight transport produces huge amounts of CO2 and is a major contributor to the rise in global temperatures – particulates and nitrogen oxides cause pollution in cities. With the goal of reducing CO2 emissions in the transport sector by up to 48% by 2030, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is promoting, among other things, the purchase of trucks with climate-friendly drives. Accordingly, within this decade, one-third of the mileage in heavy road freight transport is to be achieved with emission-free drives. To achieve this, one-third of all semi-trailer trucks in German road freight transport will have to be emission-free by 2030, equivalent to approximately 145,000 semi-trailer trucks.

The emission-free vehicles needed for this are still far from being insight on the part of established manufacturers (OEMs) at the German and European level. Clean Logistics offers its customers tailor-made solutions for the climate-friendly conversion of entire fleets by converting existing trucks to emission-free hydrogen drives. Electrically driven and powered by hydrogen using proven fuel cell technology, the HyBatt Truck from Clean Logistics is a lucrative solution for the decarbonisation of heavy road transport that in many respects is now ready for the market.

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