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Status: In Betrieb
Business Gebäude/Wärme

Partners involved: Gasnetz Hamburg, Enercity contracting, HAW Hamburg, Bezirk Bergedorf

Installation: 01.01.2020

Address: Wentorfer Straße 38a, 21029 Hamburg

The mySMARTLife projects include the construction of a climate-friendly heating grid in the development zone "Am Schilfpark" in Hamburg-Bergedorf. It will supply 273 flats with energy for heating and hot water. The heat is supplied by two combined heat and power units (CHPs) and two peak-load boilers. The heating centre, which is supplied with natural gas, already operates with low CO2 emissions. However, as part of the mySMARTLife project, emissions are to be reduced even further. Hydrogen (H2) contributes to this.

In the project, the fuel comes via the gas distribution grid and a hydrogen feed-in system. A feed-in system adds H2 to the natural gas, up to 30 per cent. This is the first time such a high proportion of H2 has been used in daily operation. From mid-2020, the gas mixture will replace the conventional natural gas heat supply used to date during the term of the project, until the end of November 2021. In this manner, the project will provide valuable insight into the mixed-hydrogen operation of a heat supply system built as part of a natural gas infrastructure. The focus is on operation with fluctuating proportions of hydrogen in the gas.

In future, the findings will also help to introduce the use of hydrogen produced climate-neutrally to other areas currently supplied with natural gas. If the H2 share of the mixture is produced from wind or solar power in the future, renewable energy will enter the natural gas grid and CO2 emissions will drop considerably. Comparative measurements in conventional and mixed-hydrogen operation will document the emission reductions achieved via the hydrogen feed-in.

In addition to Gasnetz Hamburg, the project partners are the Bergedorf district, the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), and the plant operator enercity Contracting Nord GmbH.

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