Hamburg Hydrogen Industrial Grid (HH-WIN)

Logo von: Hamburg Hydrogen Industrial Grid (HH-WIN)

Status: In Planung
Business Infrastruktur

Promoter: Gasnetz Hamburg

Address: Ausschläger Elbdeich 127, 20539 Hamburg

By 2030, the company plans to build a supply-safe infrastructure for the hydrogen needs of Hamburg’s industrial sector and its national and European network through the project "Hamburger Hydrogen-Industrie-Net" (HH-WIN). Hydrogen infrastructure is the central link connecting all of these projects. The project will be developed and implemented on a demand-driven basis and in stages. "It is our declared aim to create the possibility for Hamburg's industrial companies to replace their current gas needs with climate-neutral green hydrogen. Thanks to local electrolysis, sea-side imports and the connection to the emerging European hydrogen network as well as the neighboring North German hydrogen production centers, our hydrogen network will be able to replace about 570 million cubic meters of natural gas per year and thus save 1.2 million tons of CO2," says Christian Heine, Managing Director of the Hamburg gas network.

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