Logo von: HySynGas

Status: In Planung
Business Wasserstoffproduktion

Partners involved: Vattenfall, Arge Netz, MAN Energy Solutions

Address: Elbehafen, 25541 Brunsbüttel

ARGE Netz, MAN Energy Solutions and Vattenfall intend to establish "HySynGas", the world's first large-scale industrial project for the production of synthetic gases, in the Brunsbüttel Industrial Park. The plant will utilise regional electricity from renewable sources to produce green hydrogen and synthetic gas to power, for example, buses, lorries, and ships and to reduce climate-damaging CO2 emissions when used in gas-fired power plants and in industry. The aim of this innovative partnership is to establish a unique power-to-gas hub for cross-sector decarbonisation in northern Germany.

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