Renewable Energy Hamburg
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Renewable Energy Hamburg

International Contact Point

Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster Agency is the first contact point to the renewable energy sector of the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg for international partners.

We can provide you with first-hand information on political renewable energy strategies, current projects in the region, the latest developments and planned initiatives in the field of renewable energies. Even more importantly, we can open the door to the expertise of our industrial network along the entire value chain of renewable energies.

The Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster Agency regularly welcomes foreign delegations in Hamburg and organises joint workshops and other activities. Whether virtually or on the spot – we will introduce you to our large network in the renewable energy sector in the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg with pleasure.

Whereas Jingkai Shi mainly deals with cooperations in the field of renewables, Sibyl Scharrer is responsible for cooperations in the developing hydrogen economy. The both replace each other when one of them is not available in case of a request.

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Jingkai Shi

Jingkai ShiM. A.

International Cooperation Renewables

Sibyl Scharrer

Sibyl ScharrerM. A.

International Cooperation Hydrogen